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SorareTools Partners

SorareTools is proud to be partnered with some of the best tools and content creators in the Sorare universe. Check them and the special offers associated with them below.

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Sorare Alert is used by hundreds of Sorare managers to track sales of players in real time with a sophisticated notification system administered via Discord. It is able to send you notifications for lots of different criteria, including new auctions, offers, and sales. You can use Sorare Alert to get notified of:

  • New and expiring auctions of your favorite players

  • the best deals (sales below x% of last sale)

  • New offers at prices you were looking for

  • and much more

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Sorare Assist is here to help you on your Sorare journey. Follow them on YouTube and socials for tutorials, scouting, strategy and much more. They publish regular scouting reports on their Patreon. Links to all their work can be found on their website


Sorare Probabilities helps you identify the best players for upcoming gameweeks by combining game stats with player scouting. You can find an example of their work here. We have also partnered with them to bring you the MyTeamOdds in the Google Sheets of SorareTools.

logo big.png is one of the largest Italian communities dedicated to Sorare. The purpose of the community is to support the growth and adoption of Sorare in Italy. We are first and foremost Sorare expert managers and we share our experience and knowledge with the community. On our site you will find all the tips to get started on Sorare, while in the community you will have the opportunity to compare yourself with other experienced managers.


Mediasorare is the main French-speaking media dedicated to Sorare. They provide great content (news, articles, guides, podcasts, youtube shows) and services (gallery analysis, taylor-made coaching).

  • Twitter
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  • Youtube

Why our customers trust us...


"I got massively into Sorare and built up quite a large gallery, but had not been tracking my transactions properly. I then realised I’d need to consider paying tax. SorareTax provided me with a full breakdown of all the players I’d bought and sold, including profit and loss figures, in both fiat and ETH. I couldn’t recommend them enough!"

Reidy | Sorare Top 50 Manager


"SorareTools is great for tracking my monthly performance & calculating my taxes"

John Nellis | # 1 Sorare Youtuber

Portrait Man

"Exactly what I was looking for! This service gave me great peace-of-mind knowing that my buying and selling strategies were working. Thanks Sorare Tax!"

Dixie | Sorare Top 1000 Manager

We are planning to develop more tools to get the most out of Sorare - stay updated with our newsletter
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