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  • Is this safe? Can I trust you?
    You can. We are a registered company in Germany and are Sorare players ourselves. You can find more information in the Legal Notice (German language for now) and under the Company tab.
  • Why do you charge money? SorareData is free!
    We offer a 7 day trial period to anyone who wants to try out our product. We did not raise any money from investors and are working very hard to make the products we create as good as possible. Asking our users to become customers makes it possible for us to create a real business and make this the source of our livelihood.
  • Why do I need to log-in with my Sorare account?
    We need your permission to access certain datapoints that are used for the creation of your personal Portfolio Tracker. For example, Complex Offers (such as Haaland + 2 ETH for Mbappe + Kimmich) and Deposits/Withdrawals are not publicly visible.
  • What access do I give you by logging in with my Sorare account?
    We are able to access all your purchases, sales, rewards, referrals and other card-related data. We are also able to see all your deposits and withdrawals to the platform. We are NOT able to change any of your settings on the platform, perform any actions on cards (bid, offer, sell), see your email address or your credit card number.
  • What do you do with my data?
    Your Portfolio Reports are securely stored with a well-known cloud provider. Your reports are not shared with anyone and are not accessible by anyone other than yourself.
  • What is the Portfolio Tracker?
    The Portfolio Tracker is a GSheets file that contains an overview of all your transactions on Sorare and provides a Profit/Loss view. It always contains all historical data up to the present date.
  • How long does my subscription last?
    You will always see that in the SorareTax app ( Upon receipt of the funds, the subscription will be activated and will run for 365 days from the day the funds have been transferred.
  • How much does a subscription cost?
    Currently, we charge €7 / month charged on an annual basis (€84 / year) for full access.
  • How do I pay?
    Please navigate to the settings page in the tracker and click on "Subscribe Now"
  • Do I need to add my credit card to try this?
    No, everyone will have 7 days of free trial without adding a credit card. If you want to extend your trial for 7 days, you can add your credit card details. You can cancel your subscription during the second trial period anytime by clicking on "Manage Subscription" in the tracker settings (
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    Navigate to and click on "Manage Subscription". Here you can cancel your subscription. Please not that the cancellation will become effective once your current subscription expires.
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