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Launching Market Data

SorareTools is excited to be launching ST Market Data. We want to give every Sorare manager the tools to understand how different Sorare markets are performing more broadly. ST Market Data will be available for free. We have an internal roadmap to refine and improve these tools. We plan on providing data for the three key metrics market cap, number of cards and average valuations according to the following breakouts:

  • Sport (Football, NBA, Baseball)

  • League (Champion, Challenger, America, Asia)

  • Rarity (Limited, Rare, Super Rare, Unique)

  • Market Indicators (more below)


Market Cap

The market cap is created by multiplying the ST ETH Valuation (see here on methodology) of the player at a given date by the number of cards for the player. Then all the players composing a given market (e.g. Football Asia) are added together to form the market cap. For example, if there are 3 Mbappe Rare cards worth 2 ETH each and 5 Kimmich Rare cards worth 3 ETH each minted and available on Sorare, the total market cap would be 3 Mbappe cards x 2 ETH + 5 Kimmich cards x 3 ETH = 21 ETH.

On November 11th 2022, the market cap of all rare cards in the Sorare marketplace was 102,530 ETH (~$126m).

Number of Cards

This accounts for all cards that have been made available by Sorare through:

  • 1st party auction sales

  • So5 Rewards

  • Referral awards

  • 3rd party rewards (e.g. SorareMega)

We also include cards that have been minted to be available outside of Sorare.

Average Valuation

The simple average of the ST Valuation of a player for a given date and rarity. If a valuation cannot be derived for a date and rarity, the player gets excluded from the average. Applying this to the simple example in the Market Cap section gives us a 2.5 ETH Average Valuation (Kimmich: 3 ETH, Mbappe: 2 ETH, Average: 2.5 ETH). We do not use weighted averages here (which would yield a 2.625 ETH average above) as we believe a simple average is more representative of how users think about the Sorare markets

Further methodology notes
  • We account for players switching clubs when looking at football splits by league (e.g. Gareth Bale transferring from Champion to America).

  • Players where we cannot arrive at a valuation for a given date and rarity (this happens with a higher propensity for Uniques and Super Rares) are excluded from calculations


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